Welcome to Red Dragon Karate Diamond Bar! We are a family-oriented martial arts school with a very straight forward approach: To help you and your family excel in the martial arts, fitness and in life as a whole.

We strive to make it FUN and EDUCATIONAL for your whole family as you develop personal development skills and become the best that you can be in everything that you do – in school, work, sports, extra-curricular activities and all of life.

Skyrocketing Focus & Confidence. Your kids will learn effective self-defense skills as they focus on their body movements and footwork. They will learn the safe and correct way to perform epic punches, kicks, and throws. Kids have so much fun and get a kick out of putting the POW in those powerful punches.

Listening to the instructor and staying focused at all times will increase their attention span that carries over into other parts of their life, as well. Regular focus like this will help your child be a superstar in schoolget better grades and develop leadership skills.      

Learning a new skill can be challenging and it takes time, patience, commitment and perseverance. Karate helps to develop those important traits, which are necessary to be successful in life – at any age.

Nervous about starting something really cool, but you’re totally new to it and wonder if you’ll be able to do it? Fear not! Everyone here is super friendly and willing to help and encourage each other. You’ll easily make a lot of FRIENDS who are just like you!

You don’t need to have any special skills or be in shape to start. All it takes is a desire to learn… and even more importantly, to smile, laugh and have loads of FUN.  Are you ready for all that and more?   

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Both kids and adults will quickly see improvements in the fitness of their mindbody and spiritbecause karate and fitness kickboxing are such a great workout. You’ll use your whole body which becomes super fit and strong. As you continue to get stronger, you’ll be able to advance and take on even more challenging things – both on and off the mat.          

Your kids will stand tall, be BULLY-PROOF, and won’t be afraid to either walk away or defend themselves, if necessary, should they ever get caught up in a sticky situation.

Red Dragon instructors are all Black Belt professionals. Their energy, enthusiasm, helpfulness and friendliness are PROOF that our program works.

Parents can rest assured that classes are conducted by high-quality instructors with years of experience who expect best behavior in every student and provide continuous supervision. They strive to be the best they can be and are dedicated to passing along that special quality of guidance, assurance and achievement to every student.

Get ready to experience the best prices, the most amazing staff, and have the most fun you've EVER had getting fit! Read below to get a feel for the kind of outstanding leadership you’ll find at Red Dragon Karate Diamond Bar. See you soon!

Meet Mohamad Jahan-Vash
Owner at Red Dragon Karate in Diamond Bar, CA
8th Degree Black Belt

Shihan Mohamad Jahan-Vash is an Eighth Degree Black Belt in Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate. He started his martial arts training in his native country of Iran at the age of nine, but his real training didn’t start until he came to the United States.

At the age of 16, he began training in Red Dragon Karate under Shihan Louis D. Casamassa and was promoted to first degree in 1980.

Since 1985, Shihan JahanVash has been the owner of the Red Dragon Karate Studio in Diamond Bar. He is the promoter of COMPETE World Martial Arts Championship, a NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) 6 “A” rated tournament, the highest rating in that organization. It is one of the largest martial arts tournaments in the United States.

 As a color belt Shihan Jahan-Vash competed in all categories: Weapon, Kata, Sparring, Showmanship, Samurai and Breaking. In the Red Dragon Organization, he is one of the few competitors to have won five Grand Reserve Champion awards. In 1982, his competition career ended due to a major knee injury. His passion and energy for competition has now transferred to his students.      

Shihan Jahan-Vash and his students travel all over the country to compete and, in the past 17 years, have participated in 35 - 46 competitions each year. His participation in martial arts competitions has earned him the positions as Board of Director of NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association), US Regional Director of A.K.K.F., the second highest position, and President of PAC (Promoters Association of California).

He directs and coordinates over 75% of the major martial arts events in the US. He is responsible for many additional categories that are offered in tournaments today, as well as unifying sport karate rules between the major organizations.

In 1994 and 2002, he was the director of the California Police Olympics for martial arts. This competition is for all law enforcement and fire department personnel.

He takes great pride in his students’ achievements and considers himself fortunate to be able to accomplish all of this with the support of his beautiful wife Amanda and three amazing children, Ava, Shahin and Alec.         

Shihan Jahan-Vash considers his instructor, Shihan Louis D. Casamassa, the most important influence in his career and martial arts endeavors. Shihan Mike Jablonski and Shihan Tom Cosgrove have also been influential in his martial arts career. Shihan Jahan-Vash is thankful for the opportunities that have been given to him and he believes that through hard work, perseverance and focusing on your goals, any person can achieve their dreams.

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